How does JFX work get prioritised?

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Sun Oct 28 04:23:13 PDT 2012

Is it possible for someone from the Oracle JFX team to outline how features
get prioritised for inclusion in a release?

I've been frustrated at times with things I think I are important not
getting done, and I think a few others have had similar
experiences. Obviously all of us think our bug/feature is the most
important thing, and not everything can get done and there has to be
priorities. I think it would be less frustrating though if we actually knew
the process that was used to prioritise issues - who decides, and what
metrics are used as input?

I noted today for example, that
which is simply to allow maximising the stage programmatically, just got
bumped so its not part of Java8 and is not part of any foreseeable
release. I personally don't care about this feature so much, but it does
look like a pretty fundamental, basic thing for a windowing toolkit to
have, so highlights the general point:

   - It was raised as a "critical feature" by Jasper Potts, so it doesn't
   seem a case of not being recognised as important within Oracle.
   - It was raised back in 2010 so it doesn't seem a case of it coming in
   too late and just not making the cut for the release.
   - Based on comments from Anthony Petrov it seems to be already mostly
   implemented and just needs to be hooked in, so I'm assuming it's not really
   a big resourcing issue.
   - It's got 28 votes from the community, placing it at #8 in the most
   voted list by my reckoning, so there's no lack of community interest in the
   issue (3D geometry support has 12 votes for example).

>From my vantage point, it's difficult to see why a feature like this
wouldn't have been done months ago, let alone be off the road map
completely, especially when you consider some of the more obscure features
on the roadmap. Confusion over something like this, for me at least,
festers into a general distrust in the process, which results in
frustration around other issues I do consider important (like

Can this confusion be lessened through some better communication? Is it
possible to explain how, in this case and in general, you guys prioritise
JavaFX work?

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