How does JFX work get prioritised?

Slavko Scekic scekics at
Sun Oct 28 06:24:13 PDT 2012

A good question, Daniel. One that I would like to see answered as well.

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 12:23 PM, Daniel Zwolenski <zonski at> wrote:

> Is it possible for someone from the Oracle JFX team to outline how features
> get prioritised for inclusion in a release?
> I've been frustrated at times with things I think I are important not
> getting done, and I think a few others have had similar
> experiences. Obviously all of us think our bug/feature is the most
> important thing, and not everything can get done and there has to be
> priorities. I think it would be less frustrating though if we actually knew
> the process that was used to prioritise issues - who decides, and what
> metrics are used as input?
> I noted today for example, that
> RT-10376<>,
> which is simply to allow maximising the stage programmatically, just got
> bumped so its not part of Java8 and is not part of any foreseeable
> release. I personally don't care about this feature so much, but it does
> look like a pretty fundamental, basic thing for a windowing toolkit to
> have, so highlights the general point:
>    - It was raised as a "critical feature" by Jasper Potts, so it doesn't
>    seem a case of not being recognised as important within Oracle.
>    - It was raised back in 2010 so it doesn't seem a case of it coming in
>    too late and just not making the cut for the release.
>    - Based on comments from Anthony Petrov it seems to be already mostly
>    implemented and just needs to be hooked in, so I'm assuming it's not
> really
>    a big resourcing issue.
>    - It's got 28 votes from the community, placing it at #8 in the most
>    voted list by my reckoning, so there's no lack of community interest in
> the
>    issue (3D geometry support has 12 votes for example).
> >From my vantage point, it's difficult to see why a feature like this
> wouldn't have been done months ago, let alone be off the road map
> completely, especially when you consider some of the more obscure features
> on the roadmap. Confusion over something like this, for me at least,
> festers into a general distrust in the process, which results in
> frustration around other issues I do consider important (like
> build/deployment).
> Can this confusion be lessened through some better communication? Is it
> possible to explain how, in this case and in general, you guys prioritise
> JavaFX work?

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