bound SVG

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Tue Oct 30 08:10:20 PDT 2012

> I hoped to be able to switch from a bar to a full rectangle by just using CSS, but I can't set the width in CSS. I could use two rectangles, but I'm also blocked on the fact that the color is set explicitly in the code (setFill), with two rectangles I need to set both fills, but I can't make one of then go away in the CSS - unless scary solitions with translate maybe. BTW, in my agenda (where I need to do something similar) I simply assign a style class and let that handle the presentation. Then I could simply have declared either color "transparent". I feel that the conference example is not using JavaFX's features to the max :-)

That's correct, it was never meant to. The conference app is not a sample, it is an application. We cut corners left, right, and center because we had limited time and were trying to target a device (that wasn't demonstrated) which has no JIT. Ahem. In past years we got beat up for not releasing our demos. But of course we never did because they're usually a mess because, like any schedule driven app, things didn't go according to plan :-)

As far as your use case, why not set the style directly on the node via setStyle? You can construct the string via some computation in that case.


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