JavaFX and iOS - it will remain a dream

Gaja Sutra javafx at
Thu Aug 1 02:56:28 PDT 2013

Depending of security requirements on the deployed code (like in an 
application not loading untrusted code), an hammer method can be useful: 
relaxing access rights on @FXML-annotated fields and methods to allow 
public access.

It would need a preprocessing of application bytecode to change these 
access rights, before compiling FXML and integrating these supplementary 
classes. This can be implemented with a bytecode toolkit like ASM 
(largely used in OpenJDK):

> The "biggest" problem I have with Controller-Fields and Methods who are
> NOT public or package private (depends on the location of the FXML
> relative to its controller) because there I still need to use
> reflection. Anyone a good idea to get around reflection in case I can't
> directly access them?

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