JavaFX On IOS Using RoboVM And Maven

Tobias Bley tobi at
Fri Aug 2 00:28:37 PDT 2013

Hi Daniel,

thanks for your great work!

One question: How can I use third party jar libraries? When I execute the „compile“ maven task, my third party libs are not found…


Am 01.08.2013 um 05:34 schrieb Daniel Zwolenski <zonski at>:

> The RoboVM Maven plugin is now released with JFX support using Danno's
> backport, which is all in Maven Central.
> I talk about it in detail here:
> I'd greatly appreciate people here trying it out and letting me know fairly
> quickly if there are any steps I left out or if anything is not working (in
> terms of the hello world, not bigger issues at this stage).
> Every time I release or publish something I get a lot of "I don't know how
> to code and couldn't get past step 2" type requests. These can be very time
> consuming to work through, since some are real and some are just
> stupid-user-exceptions. Anything I can head off at the pass is a boon.
> As per the post, yes, it's slow, yes, it's buggy, yes, it all looks pretty
> crap at the moment - but it's suppose to. The JFX code has barely been run
> by the people who wrote it and the RoboVM code is being developed by one
> guy part time and has not been optimised at all. The fact that it works at
> all is down right amazing.
> The point of releasing this code is so the above issues can start being
> addressed, it's not meant to be perfect. If you want it better, I'm sure
> Niklas, Danno and Richard are only too happy for you to help out in each of
> the respective areas where there are known issues.
> No one ever wants to help out with the build tools, that's a crap job that
> no sane person would do in their spare time :)

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