JavaFX 2 memory leaks in StyleManager (making FX2 completely unusable for application development)

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Fri Aug 2 05:31:13 PDT 2013

Hi Kevin,

I have created a sample application and filed

I've uploaded the sources, memory dumps, ... to

There are 2 remarkable things if you look at the memory screenshots.

memory2.png: Runs the application without the CSS-Images so one can see
             that the application after sometime holds > 9.000
             Cell-Objects who naturally holds other node objects

memory1.png: Shows that the CSS is loading image instance for each and
             every ImageView although we are only one image-url!

So after this test I think the CSSEngine is not really leaking images
but is loading too many of them although it could reuse them. The really
leaking component is ListView which leaks all its list cells.

The good thing is that FX8 does not show this problems (no image
duplication, no leaked cells) but FX8 is more than 6 months away and
those two problems above make FX2.2 completely unusable (one can
workaround the CSS-Bug by simply *not* useing Images in CSS) but for
ListCell one there's no work-around at all available (beside not using


On 30.07.13 16:28, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> What version of JDK 7u/FX 2.2.x is this reproduced in? Have you tried
> this with a recent build of JDK 7u40? There is a vanishingly small
> window to get changes into 7u40 / FX 2.2.40 which is scheduled for
> release in the first half of September. The next opportunity would be
> January.
> -- Kevin
> Tom Schindl wrote:
>> [resending because mail was blocked yesterday because of included images]
>> Hi,
>> I've been debugging a JavaFX application with a customer and we've found
>> a tremendous memory leak in StyleManager when using icons.
>> This bug makes JavaFX 2.x completely unusable because the application is
>> using up to 1.5GB and more within a few mintues! Has anyone seen this
>> and if I file a bug could I expect a bugfix in FX2?
>> The screenshots from the Memory Analyzer can be seen at:
>> Tom

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