Proposal to move default style-class from Control to SkinBase

Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Wed Aug 7 13:41:10 PDT 2013

Hi David,

I'm not going to directly answer your question but I'm rather gonna touch
on a problem I see regarding JavaFX CSS. Forgive me for not directly
sticking to the subject of your email.

The issue I see is that JavaFX CSS significantly differs from W3C CSS, that
is the CSS that is used on the web.
I've already touch this subject before but didn't have much answer from
this mailing list. The reason why I bring it back again is that the more I
do web development the more this seems unappropriated.

Having JavaFX CSS differ from W3C CSS has the following disadvantages:

   - Designers coming from web development (they are the majority) will
   struggle with JavaFX CSS
   - Cannot use CSS pre-processors like SASS, LESS, Compass thus missing
   out on this tooling that significantly enhances CSS. You can do really cool
   stuff with Compass.
   - Cannot reuse what already is out there on the web. And there are a
   huge amount of examples there.
   - Re-inventing the wheel. My personal opinion is that you should try to
   harness the work that already exists especially when you have few
   resources.  People have already spent some time on this, tested and fixed
   issues with it. So why not "stand on the shoulder of giants".

I'm not saying you should introduce CSS layout, that is a headache and a
problem that they're trying to solve in CSS3, but all the rest can be
changed to be the same as CSS. You can even have both working side by side,
the current JavaFX CSS and a newer more W3C conforming CSS so that you
don't break existing apps.

I don't see any advantage of having a CSS different from W3C one, if I was
going to make one different I would have created a newer more simpler
language to express an apps appearance. Not used CSS.

Thanks, best regards,

Pedro Duque Vieira

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