JavaFX Media issues

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JavaFX 2.2 does http live streaming:

"HTTP Live Streaming Support

With the addition of HTTP live streaming support, you can now download the playlist file and playback video or audio segments using JavaFX Media. Media players are now able to switch to alternate streams, as specified in the playlist file and based on network conditions. For a given stream, there is a playlist file and a set of segments into which the stream is broken. The stream can be either an MP3 raw stream or an MPEG-TS containing multiplexed AAC audio and H.264 video. The stream can be played on demand when the stream is a static file or played live when the stream is actually a live feed. In both cases, the stream can adjust its bit rate and for video, its resolution can be adjusted."

More info on HTTP Live Streaming:

Your other questions, the JavaFX media devs can answer.

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I am having a look at JavaFX media support and have a couple of questions:

1. It seems that the only way to load media files is by specifying a source such as a file path etc.  This is not going to work well for me as all of my application's content (which includes data, digital assets, media etc.) is stored in a database on the server and is loaded through an IO stream.
 Why doesn't Media support loading of files through a stream?  That would seem like a common use case to me!

2. I am unable to locate any reference to JavaFX Media in the JavaDocs for JDK 8 which I found here:

Is this just a glitch?

3. Is buffering of media something planned for the future in JavaFX?

4. What about live streaming of media content?



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