JavaFX Media issues

Fabrizio Giudici Fabrizio.Giudici at
Thu Aug 8 14:04:56 PDT 2013

On Thu, 08 Aug 2013 22:57:51 +0200, Joe McGlynn <joe.mcglynn at>  

> I don't know why FX Media isn't in the FX 8 API docs, but that's clearly  
> an error.  Please file a bug on that.
> In the meantime, you should look at the FX 2 media docs, there isn't a  
> lot of change from FX2 media in FX8.  Buffering and streaming (HTTP Live  
> Streaming) are both supported, as is playback from a URL.

What is the strategy for codecs? I mean, now we have ImageIO (there is  
also JAI but it seems basically dead). ImageIO provides many image codecs  
and there's a SPI that can be used to support more formats. Will it be  
replaced by FX2 media or co-exist with it?

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