use custom behavior class for TableView

Sven Ehrke sven.ehrke at
Fri Aug 9 04:18:17 PDT 2013


I would like to use a custom Behavior class for a TableView and so I started as usual with a 'MyTableViewSkin' 
class which I can activate via the css file. In order to reuse functionality of 'TableViewSkin' and 'TableViewBehavior' I started to 
let ' MyTableViewSkin' inherit from 'TableViewSkin and planned to let it's constructor simply call the super constructor like this: 

super(tableView, new MyTableViewBehavior(tableView)); 

Unfortunately 'TableViewSkin' only defines the constructor 

'TableViewSkin(final TableView tableView) ' 

and thus hides the one from ' TableViewSkinBase ' : 

TableViewSkinBase(final C control, final B behavior) 

which makes it impossible to call it. 
Was this done on purpose and if yes how am I supposed to attach a custom behavior class ? 



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