Mailing list woes

Jeff Martin jeff at
Fri Aug 9 07:03:11 PDT 2013

> I only noticed because a couple of my posts didn't come back from the list.

I've noticed this, too. Perhaps the list is losing things to a junk filter.


On Aug 9, 2013, at 7:45 AM, Felix Bembrick <felix.bembrick at> wrote:

> I am not sure who this is directed at but there seem to be some glitches in
> the mailing list software that manages this list.
> I notice that sometimes when I post to this list I do not always get that
> message being sent to me via the list so I was wondering if I am actually
> receiving every message that is posted to the list.  I compared notes with
> a friend of mine who also subscribes to this list and we analysed the posts
> that we had both received over the past week.
> To both of our surprise we discovered that I received some posts that he
> never received and vice versa.  There does not appear to be any pattern as
> to which posts make it into our inboxes and which don't.
> I'd say we are both receiving about 19 out of every 20 messages or slightly
> less than that.  We definitely established that neither of us has received
> *every* message sent to the list.
> We have also all but ruled out spam filter issues as this is my Gmail
> account and all spam goes into the Spam folder and they certainly haven't
> been ending up in there.  Similarly he has a POP3 account and actually has
> opted to receive *all* spam sent to him which he then uses an Outlook
> message rule to place it in his Junk folder.
> Is anyone else experiencing this?  If you are, you probably don't realise
> it. I only noticed because a couple of my posts didn't come back from the
> list.
> Felix

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