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>> I am having a look at JavaFX media support and have a couple of questions:
>> 1. It seems that the only way to load media files is by specifying a
>> source
>> such as a file path etc.  This is not going to work well for me as all of
>> my application's content (which includes data, digital assets, media etc.)
>> is stored in a database on the server and is loaded through an IO stream.
>> Why doesn't Media support loading of files through a stream?  That would
>> seem like a common use case to me!

This is correct. So called arbitrary input stream support is among the features for the future.

>> 2. I am unable to locate any reference to JavaFX Media in the JavaDocs for
>> JDK 8 which I found here:
>> Is this just a glitch?

A glitch related to javadoc execution. FXMedia is still there.

>> 3. Is buffering of media something planned for the future in JavaFX?

What do you mean by buffering ? We have progressive buffer for http links. See MediaPlayer.bufferProgressTimeProperty

>> 4. What about live streaming of media content?

We support Http Live Streaming: MpegTS which contains H264 + AAC.

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