Concerns about TreeTableViews ability to display UNlimited number of rows of data

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Thu Aug 15 01:57:47 PDT 2013

In on my phone, so I'll keep this really brief. I have one suggested approach in the TreeItem javadoc here:

Perhaps this will help. I can look into it deep power tomorrow if necessary.

-- Jonathan
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"Martin Klähn" <grazertwo at> wrote:
>Hi guys,
>I've now worked with TreeView and TreeTableView to some extent.
>TableView as well as TreeTabelView are designed to visualize an
>number of rows of data, broken out into columns".
>For TableView I can understand that concept as i can pass the TableView
>ObservableList containing the data. The Implementation of that
>ObservableList can do lazy loading of the available data although it
>has to
>know how many dataset there are. So far so good.
>However for TreeTableView and by extension TreeView (no comment about
>unlimited number of rows of data there) I do not agree with that
>with my current understanding of the API.
>The only way I can set the children of an TreeItem is by
>a) adding the child items to the ObservableList retrieved from
>TreeItem.getChildren() where have to create all children elements and
>them (not LAZY) or
>b) bind a ObservableList to TreeItem.getChildren() but that essentially
>first copies all items from the bound list to that of
>TreeItem.getChildren() (not LAZY).
>So in order to visualize an unlimited number of rows of data with
>TreeTableView and I'm not missing something I have to fully initialize
>unlimited amount of data.
>Please tell me I've missed something!
>- Martin

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