custom Styleable properties CSS prefix

David Grieve david.grieve at
Thu Aug 15 07:16:35 PDT 2013

I'm assuming this is 8.0? If so, what com.sun classes did you need to pull in and why? I'd like to know from the perspective of the owner of the styleable API. If you have to pull in com.sun, then I might have missed something somewhere since all you should need is in the javafx.css package. 

On Aug 15, 2013, at 9:16 AM, Tom Eugelink <tbee at> wrote:

> I've created my first control with custom CSS Styleable properties. Ignoring the fact that com.sun classes are involved, it worked pretty easily. Jim suggested that I also post the question about the CSS prefix I asked on the JFXtras mail list here is well. So:
> I would like to suggest is to use the "-fxx" prefix for JFXtras CSS properties, so:
>    -fxx-arrow-direction:VERTICAL;
>    -fxx-arrow-position:LEADING;
> If there is a good reason not to use "-fxx" I'd love to hear it.
> Tom

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