BarChart CategoryAxis limitation

Paru Somashekar parvathi.somashekar at
Fri Aug 16 11:55:19 PDT 2013

When we initially designed and implemented BarChart, the idea was that 
it is a Chart that shows rectangular ( horizontal or vertical) bars 
representing some value for a given category. That is how many charting 
packages depict BarCharts including JfreeChart etc. Also, for simple 
cases, one can plot date as categories.  Jasper was our original Charts 
designer/implementer, so correct me if I am wrong Jasper.
However, for what you would like to plot - two value axes based BarChart 
- would IMHO be a CustomBarChart - another subclass of XYChart. I think 
JFreeChart calls it a XYBarChart, if I am right. Sorry, we do not have 
one such implementation at this point.


On 8/15/13 5:09 PM, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
> Hi,
> BarChart only allows you to insert a ValueAxis/CategoryAxis combination. So
> you can't have a ValueAxis/ValueAxis or it will throw a runtime exception.
> I don't understand this limitation, I'm creating a DateAxis and want to
> have a NumberAxis/DateAxis barchart.
> Can you tell me why this limitation exists?
> Best regards,

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