Summary of new features in JavaFX 8?

Felix Bembrick felix.bembrick at
Fri Aug 16 19:50:10 PDT 2013

I am preparing another blog about JavaFX and would like to know what
changes and enhancements there are in JavaFX between JDK7 and JDK8.

For me the most obvious one is the entire 3D functionality but would it be
possible for someone from Oracle or another person in the know to list the
major changes and (especially) enhancements/new features we can expect in

Alternatively, if there is either a web page that lists them or some way
for me to establish this info myself could you please point me there?

These are the ones I can find for myself:

* 3D
* Rich Text
* Modena theme
* Embedded support
* HTML5 improvements
* New controls (TreeTableView, DatePicker)?

Have I missed anything?



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