Summary of new features in JavaFX 8?

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Mon Aug 19 05:22:36 PDT 2013

> (Video capture support), which is resolved.
> If you read the comments, audio capturing is supported as well.

That JIRA refers to a test being implemented, which may not be accurate 
anyway since there is no product feature to "test".

You will probably want to filter out the "Tests" and "Docs" components 
(and maybe Samples, too, depending on what you are looking for) in your 
JIRA query.

-- Kevin

Christian Schudt wrote:
> Thanks for the list! Very interesting.
> One thing that got my attention is this issue:
> (Video capture support), which is resolved.
> If you read the comments, audio capturing is supported as well.
> Does that mean, that the second highest voted feature for Lombard is resolved as well?
> (Camera and Microphone)
> Thanks for clarification!
> Am 17.08.2013 um 20:52 schrieb John Smith:
>> Here is a link to the current jira generated release notes for JavaFX 8 (it's a humongous list).
>> The majority of stuff in the jira generated release notes is implemented, but some is not and will probably be moved to a future release.
>> In terms of the terminology used, I think a feature is major new functionality usually called out on a product requirements document somewhere and a tweak (of which there are hundreds) is a minor feature (though I don't think it's a hard and fast rule and a little arbitrary - some features are pretty minor and some tweaks are pretty important).
>> Some major features missing from your list Felix:
>>  multi-threaded performance improvements 
>>  right -> left language support
>>  HiDPI display support (though that might also be in some upcoming Java 2.2 release)
>>  swing components in JavaFX
>>  increased support for new w3c standards in WebView (e.g. websockets)
>>  @font-face support in css (I guess this one might be termed a tweak)
>>  ATI/AMD GPU acceleration on Linux
>> I think there is also an intention for an official embedded release for Java 8 that will include JavaFX in the new compact profile setup.
>> From a developer point of view, I think the big news is open sourcing (except for the media and browser plugin components) along with the new repository layout and relatively simple gradle build process - so potentially JavaFX can now be included in OpenJDK and custom JDK builds, not just Oracle JDK builds.
>> My favorite feature of all time is that with Java 8, JavaFX is properly bundled into Oracle Java and on the default class path.   So I don't have to keep explaining to people how to get JavaFX to run in their environment.  Hopefully, all of the standard OpenJDK 8 builds and distributions will follow Oracle's lead here and correctly bundle JavaFX into their distributions.
>> ----------
>> Here is a result of a jira query on fixed features for JavaFX 8.
>> RT-30831	
>> Unsorted mode in the SortedList
>> RT-30236	
>> Open WebView sources
>> RT-29848	
>> Add a static GridPane.setFillWidth(Node, boolean) method
>> RT-29834	
>> Move JSObject into javafx-ui-common
>> RT-28817	
>> Add explicit dispose() method to MediaPlayer
>> RT-28499	
>> WebView doesnot support HTML5 <input type=file multiple
>> RT-28089	
>> Write Script to auto-generate the new repository layout
>> RT-27887	
>> introduce a node to embed Swing into JavaFX
>> RT-27633	
>> Add missing FXCollections methods for ObservableSet
>> RT-27582	
>> New modern theme for JavaFX (Modena)
>> RT-27480	
>> Add DatePicker control
>> RT-26377	
>> Implement SubScene
>> RT-25996	
>> "Primitive"Property to ObjectProperty<Primitive>
>> RT-25759	
>> ObjectExpression does not have asString() method
>> RT-25644	
>> Implement WebSocket traffic tunneling through HTTP(S) proxies that require authentication
>> RT-25606	
>> Port 3D features from demo/experimental repository to FX 8 3D sandbox
>> RT-25559	
>> In FXML, Allow event handlers to come from the namespace
>> RT-24712	
>> Support ATI/AMD GPU on the Linux platform
>> RT-24655	
>> Need to support movable Camera
>> RT-24654	
>> Need to include lighting and material support for 3D primitives rendering
>> RT-24651	
>> Need clean semantic for 2D/3D scenes mixing
>> RT-24648	
>> Define supported Linux configurations
>> RT-24644	
>> Support Mesh and Predefined 3D Shapes
>> RT-24506	
>> Public API for Region backgrounds and borders
>> RT-24041	
>> SQE: Hi-DPI display support
>> RT-24014	
>> FX needs to support a subset of the JRE supported systems
>> RT-24013	
>> Multi-Core scalability
>> RT-24012	
>> Text performance of the hardware pipeline must be equal or better than the software pipeline
>> RT-24009	
>> Support for Hi-DPI displays
>> RT-24008	
>> 3D attributes
>> RT-23911	
>> SQE: Allow 3D shapes
>> RT-23909	
>> SQE: 3D attributes
>> RT-23908	
>> SQE: Video capture support
>> RT-23907	
>> SQE: Improve HTML 5 API and tags support
>> RT-23904	
>> SQE: Tree table control
>> RT-23903	
>> SQE: Public API for CSS Structure
>> RT-23901	
>> SQE: Enable component orientation
>> RT-23898	
>> SQE: Printing support
>> RT-23897	
>> SQE: Support bi-directional text
>> RT-23896	
>> SQE:Provide support for complex characters
>> RT-23895	
>> SQE: i10N: Java FX must be localized in all the different languages as supported by the JRE.
>> RT-23894	
>> SQE: Multi-line rich text support
>> RT-23893	
>> SQE: i18N: Java FX must support internationalization
>> RT-23600	
>> ObservableListBase
>> RT-23075	
>> Support complex characters in controls
>> RT-23074	
>> Support bi-directional text in controls
>> RT-22913	
>> Implement and enable accelerated compositing to improve WebView rendering performance
>> RT-22153	
>> Allow setting custom user-agent
>> RT-21709	
>> Consider making available the CSS Styleable* classes as public API
>> RT-21683	
>> Allow to change line-to-line spacing
>> RT-21536	
>> Create tests for Popup Window hide event consuming behavior
>> RT-21499	
>> Add WebView.scale property
>> RT-21487	
>> Add isEmpty() and length() methods to StringExpression
>> RT-21355	
>> Support user-defined pseudoclasses
>> RT-20906	
>> Support setting min/pref/max sizes via css
>> RT-20708	
>> Provide debugging and/or error condition feedback mechanism in high-level binding routines
>> RT-20653	
>> Implement synchronized ObservableMap and synchronized ObservableSet
>> RT-20048	
>> Add tests for different constructors of DropShadow
>> RT-20039	
>> Add tests for font loading using font name
>> RT-19838	
>> Add automated test for ImageCursor
>> RT-19834	
>> The solid white background created in a Stage should be created - if needed - in the Scenegraph
>> RT-19821	
>> Need private API to allow discovery of installed listeners on properties for testing
>> RT-19451	
>> TableView: Displaying hierarchical groups and data
>> RT-19049	
>> Support standard Java Beans in SelectBinding
>> RT-19040	
>> Add native font rasterization for Mac
>> RT-19020	
>> Default conversion from ObservableObjectValue<Integer> to ObservableIntegerValue etc.
>> RT-18804	
>> Add emptyObservableSet and emptyObservableMap in FXCollections
>> RT-18400	
>> Support cross build for Linux embedded
>> RT-18149	
>> Integrate ICU library for opentype layout
>> RT-18024	
>> Evaluate TODOs in code, either removing or filing issues as appropriate
>> RT-17942	
>> Provide Affine class with matrix manipulation methods (multiply, premultipy, negate, etc.)
>> RT-17666	
>> Webview and HTMLEditor should support printing their content
>> RT-17663	
>> Define javafx printing APIs
>> RT-17645	
>> Make Image class support exceptions for both asynchronous and synchronous loading
>> RT-17411	
>> Complex text with BiDi support
>> RT-17401	
>> 3D geometry support
>> RT-17392	
>> Multi-line, multi-style, rich text support
>> RT-17383	
>> Printing
>> RT-17288	
>> Add a TreeTable
>> RT-17053	
>> Reintroduce SortedList/FilteredList and TransformationList
>> RT-16689	
>> TextInputControl: css "-fx-columns" doesn't work
>> RT-16472	
>> insets should be a real property on Region
>> RT-16395	
>> Support object oriented approach to styling UI components
>> RT-16288	
>> Add a TextField.setFont method
>> RT-16201	
>> Creating an image icon only button should be able to specify the padding of the button via the api and not just through using CSS.
>> RT-16111	
>> FileChooser: Need to be able to specify initial file name in save dialog
>> RT-15332	
>> Allow application to catch exceptions thrown by FX application thread with an UncaughtExceptionHandler
>> RT-15109	
>> ListChangeListener$Change.toString() is not implemented
>> RT-14947	
>> websockets not working in WebEngine
>> RT-14730	
>> Drag and drop needs support for drag view
>> RT-12723	
>> Ability to Render a Node in an another Node (NodeView)
>> RT-12100	
>> Swing components inside JavaFX
>> RT-11561	
>> Some cursor images are incorrect on Windows, Linux and Mac
>> RT-10343	
>> CSS add support for CSS3 @font-face
>> RT-9782	
>> Workers API is incomplete
>> RT-9411	
>> Define internal API for styled text
>> RT-9383	
>> Add proper constructors & factory methods to event classes, remove impl
>> RT-9372	
>> Add Back-face Culling support to JavaFX
>> RT-3518	
>> multiline multistyle text node
>> RT-3290	
>> need utility methods for converting to/from screen coordinates
>> RT-138	
>> Support component orientation in common UI controls
>> On Aug 16, 2013, at 7:50 PM, Felix Bembrick <felix.bembrick at> wrote:
>>> I am preparing another blog about JavaFX and would like to know what
>>> changes and enhancements there are in JavaFX between JDK7 and JDK8.
>>> For me the most obvious one is the entire 3D functionality but would it be
>>> possible for someone from Oracle or another person in the know to list the
>>> major changes and (especially) enhancements/new features we can expect in
>>> JFX8?
>>> Alternatively, if there is either a web page that lists them or some way
>>> for me to establish this info myself could you please point me there?
>>> These are the ones I can find for myself:
>>> * 3D
>>> * Rich Text
>>> * Modena theme
>>> * Embedded support
>>> * HTML5 improvements
>>> * New controls (TreeTableView, DatePicker)?
>>> Have I missed anything?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Felix

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