Limitations of JavaFX in Oracle’s Java SE Embedded 8

Nicolas Lorain nicolas.lorain at
Wed Aug 21 17:26:22 PDT 2013

Also note that media support is typically available on most embedded 
chipsets, so there is a workaround to playback audio and video. Check 
out Jasper's post on the JavaFX HD Menu demo for the raspberry Pi [1], 
where he explains the following (comments section):
//"//There is no JavaFX media support on Pi, we prototyped passing 
hardware decoded frames of video into OpenGL so that it could be drawn 
in JavaFX Scene but performance was not great. So what we do is draw 
JavaFX with a transparent background just like a transparent window on 
desktop. Then use the native omx media player to play video to a lower 
layer under the JavaFX graphics. So basically standard hardware overlay 
graphics. This works great on PI and there is only about a 10% drop in 
JavaFX performance when playing a HD video stream underneath. So simple 
animations we can get 50+ fps with video at same time."/


On 8/21/13 5:21 PM, Nicolas Lorain wrote:
> There are no immediate plans to address this in the JDK 8 time frame.
> I should clarify that I'm talking specifically about the JDK 8 port 
> for Raspberry Pi. I believe that's what Felix was making reference to, 
> as "Java SE Embedded" is a different product that Oracle sells 
> directly to embedded equipment OEMs.
> On 8/21/13 4:53 PM, Felix Bembrick wrote:
>> Nicolas, is that something that is going to be addressed in the 
>> future?  If so, do you know when these (essential) features will be 
>> added?
>> Felix
>> On 22 August 2013 09:47, Nicolas Lorain <nicolas.lorain at 
>> <mailto:nicolas.lorain at>> wrote:
>>     There has been no change at this point
>>     On 8/21/13 4:25 PM, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
>>         Hi,
>>         Some time ago I saw that there would be no webview and no
>>         media support on
>>         Java SE Embedded 8. Is this still true? Are there any more
>>         limitations?
>>         Thanks, best regards,

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