Resize component problem

Peter Penzov peter.penzov at
Sun Aug 25 12:48:08 PDT 2013

   I'm working on a component resize from several weeks. I'm writing here
because I don't have idea how to solve this issue.

I created example application which holds several TabPanes into one big
BorderPane. I want to resize the size of the component using mouse drag and
drop. The TabPane which is located at the center of the border can be
resized with mouse drag and drop successfully. Now comes the big problem.
In JavaFX 8 the component situated on the right side and below the resized
component are pushed behind the visible area of the stage. I want to shrink
them automatically or expand them when I resize the component.

Simply download the example and build it with JavaFX 8. When the
application is loaded move the cursor at the border of the center stage and
drag it with the mouse. The near components will be pushed. I would like to
prevent moving the near components. I would like to  shrink their size.

Can you help me with this big issue?


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