JNLP Change?

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 15:34:47 PDT 2013

I received the below issue on the JFX Maven plugin. I don't have
time/motivation to investigate - on the surface it looks like a JFX
packager problem.

Has JNLP changed and has JFX packager been updated to handle this change?


A couple of issues:
JSE1.7 u25+_ requires new attributes on jar signing meaning that running an
JNLP will give errors "Missing Permissions manifest attribute for
{jarfile}". See

Secondly, field values in the JNLP are missing in the jfx config e.g. .
Also, I'm not seeing migrate from the main .pom to the JNLP.

Thanks for this great plug in!

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