Changing the default gradle build results.

David Hill David.Hill at
Mon Dec 2 14:00:47 PST 2013

Come join the discussion - we don't have much time to do this :-)

The Jira starts with this:

The OpenJFX default target for gradle (currently 'sdk') should also build the public apps

Currently we have:
sdk: builds only the SDK runtime binary - not apps
apps: builds open and closed apps, and copies selected items to the artifacts tree
all: used for all release engineering builds, includes sdk, apps

There seems to be a desire to have some additional targets/behaviors

Steve would like the default build (gradle with no arguments) to include the building of the SDK and the public samples.

Dave and Kevin would like to make sure that anything added does not limit the ability to build only sdk runtime, and limits the extra time building other "stuff". Kevin report the closed side of the apps build takes an additional 3 minutes.

There seems a number of ways to solve this issue - adding additional targets, while retaining the overall end result. The challenge seems to be defining what those intermediate targets should be, and what should be the definition of 'sdk' and what is the default gradle target.

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