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Mark Fortner phidias51 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 09:39:11 PST 2013

It would be nice if there were some documentation for how to get around the
memory leak in stylesheets in 7x (since most of us won't be upgrading to 8
until it's actually released).  And in general if there were some
performance guidelines for JavaFX that would be really helpful.  There was
some mention of when (and when not) to use *Platform.runLater*.  Avoiding
memory leaks in multi-threaded code, guidelines for threadpool tuning so
that apps stay responsive, etc.  The Best
provides a start but more details would be useful.



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Makes sense. Thanks!

On 10.12.2013 17:09, David Grieve wrote:

> The way it works in 8.0 is that there is a cache of loaded stylesheets.
> [...]

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