Michał Zegan webczat_200 at
Tue Dec 17 08:32:41 PST 2013

hmm, so I will need to wait few years to be able to develop javafx
things at all?
Of course, I'm myself blind so making fx apps does not make sense if I
cannot test it or use it.
As for issues, this is just one pretty obvious thing: when using
screenreaders except those (maybe) that read the display to get what's
on it and that is something that for example windows8 has removed, do
not and will never, unless accessibility is implemented, get anything
inside program windows at all in any case, except the window title and
only because it's a window manager/system thing and the window title is
presented in the taskbar.

W dniu 2013-12-17 10:47, Mario Torre pisze:
> It would probably make sense to try doing this together rather than
> waiting for things to happen, this way you could use this wonderful
> workforce that your community is!
> Can you maybe point to bugs and/or share with us specific issues (and
> pain points) yet unresolved?
> Cheers,
> Mario
> 2013/12/16 Stephen F Northover <steve.x.northover at>:
>> Hi Michael,
>> Accessibility has been on and off the radar for OpenJFX for quite a while
>> now.  Some preliminary work was done, but a final implementation and API was
>> never reached.  Further, the people who were working on it either left the
>> company or left to work some place else.  The thing that makes accessibility
>> difficult is that it is platform specific, has a big API and touches many
>> different component areas.  If you think about it, in the case of a visually
>> impaired user, accessibility is presenting a widget system to be navigated
>> that is independent of any output.
>> Although nothing is official, we are looking to deliver accessibility in
>> JDK9.  If something is ready earlier, it is possible that it could appear in
>> an earlier release.
>> Thanks for being so patient with us.
>> Steve
>> On 2013-12-15 7:15 AM, Michał Zegan wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have the following question:
>>> Does javafx support or plan to support accessibility?
>>> Another question is: if it is planned, then for what release?

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