In(Sanity) Testing Mondays

Stephen F Northover steve.x.northover at
Wed Dec 18 11:32:55 PST 2013

Hi all,

So the sanity testing was a success.  I would not say that the universe 
has been fundamentally altered because of it but the idea that there is 
a weekly formal time when we kick the tires of FX is a good one.  There 
were some problems getting the correct bits to test but that will be 
resolved for next week.  We will be doing this next week and for the 
foreseeable future as it was a good forcing function for people to get 
their environments up to date and make sure that things were generally 

The big winner as a test case was HelloSanity.  Although Ensemble 
exercises much of FX, some committers found the UI to be somewhat 
cumbersome for testing.  There is so much functionality in Ensemble, 
that a comprehensive test just takes too long.  Ensemble is still very 
important, but perhaps not the best sanity vehicle.  I'm thinking that 
in future, we will look towards testing the FX toys that have recently 
been open sourced instead of having so many committers poking Ensemble.  
Further, we need to add some more 3D testing to the list of apps we run 

In order to avoid entering duplicates, on the day of the testing, we 
won't process outstanding issues so that testers can quickly scan the 
"One True Dashboard".

So we will be sanity testing next Monday the 23rd and after that 
refining the process as we go.  As we approach our first 8u20 milestone, 
the testing effort will ramp up but we can discuss specifics closer to 
the date.


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