IPA / APK Internal

Mike mikegps1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 00:27:38 PST 2013

I know this is a difficult question, but who can give us some advice on what
to study up on regarding APK / IPA  Generation and a RAD tool for Javafx
built on JDK8

I'm laying the ground work for doing this and I'm not certain the best tools
to use from inside a Rad tool to help developers build such file types.

We plan on having an APP that runs (dashboards) (templates) built
from within a RAD tool on a desktop but this doesn't allow developers
to make their own APK and IPA's

I'm familiar with out Appery.io and other platforms use Phonegap as help in
this process
but I'm curious how developers think a Javafx jdk8 building platform should
do the same.

Thanks in advance
Mike Tallent

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