createSymbols Property not available on AreaChart

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Fri Feb 1 09:23:03 PST 2013


just thought I check here first before opening a RFE on JIRA.

LineChart has a createSymbols Property to switch on/off creation of symbols
where data points are in the chart. The same property would be nice to have
on AreaChart as well, since it is way more easy to get rid of the symbols
with such a property in comparison to be forced doing this via CSS and in
terms of API it would be more consistent with LineChart.

So how about adding createSymbols property to AreaChart?

Desired API change:
-- snip --

     * Indicates whether symbols for data points will be created or not.
     * @return true if symbols for data points will be created and false
    public final boolean getCreateSymbols() { return
createSymbols.getValue(); }
    public final void setCreateSymbols(boolean value) {
createSymbols.setValue(value); }
    public final BooleanProperty createSymbolsProperty() { return
createSymbols; }

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