How does JFX get built for official release

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Fri Feb 1 15:08:15 PST 2013

There's a lot of complicated, disjoint build scripts for the whole jfx platform, some of which is platform dependent, some is specific only to the jdk and not the jre (like deploy tools). 

When it's time to release a version to the public, how do these assets get built? Is there a little farm of pc's (or vm's) that are automated to build everything into a deliverable or is it more piecemeal, where bob builds one bit cause he's on mac and then Sam's pc gets used to build the win64 bit?

How then does it get integrated into the jre and jdk. Are the build scripts run as part of that or are the built assets delivered to the jre build for inclusion on next jre build?

Is there a difference in this process between oracle jdk and open jdk?

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