JavaFX/Swing and JavaFX/SWT classes are open-sourced

Artem Ananiev artem.ananiev at
Mon Feb 4 05:26:27 PST 2013

Hi, OpenJFX members,

as Richard wrote in the previous email, both JavaFX/Swing (JFXPanel) and 
JavaFX/SWT (FXCanvas) components were the next candidates to be 
open-sourced. Now the candidates are no longer candidates, they are in 
open. The changes are pushed via Graphics forest:

and should be in the master forest in a week or so.

Now some technical details. rt/javafx-embed-swing is built as any other 
component in rt/, rt/javafx-embed-swt is a little bit more complicated. 
These classes depend on SWT, so you need to have swt.jar in classpath in 
compile time to build them. It can be done in two ways, either with a 
new env variable:

SWT_DIR=/path/to/swt ant dist

or with an ant property:

ant -Dswt.path=/path/to/swt dist

where /path/to/swt is a folder that contains swt.jar If neither SWT_DIR 
nor swt.path are specified, rt/javafx-embed-swt will not be built, but 
imported from the bootstrap jfxrt.jar as any other classes that are not 
open-sourced yet.



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