SceneBuilder src, or how to drag/size controls

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Feb 4 11:43:58 PST 2013


for an upcoming project I'll need to provide a subset of the 
SceneBuilder functionality. More specifically, controls such as a Label 
or TextField need to be dragged from a tool palette into a designing 
area where they can be selected, moved, and resized.

Is the SceneBuilder src available? Otherwise, any recommendations on 
do's and dont's? Fortunately this week's links on FX-Experience include 
a just-in-time article on resizing regions:

(Thanks, Andrew)

Region would be interesting for custom "tools" but I'll need this for 
standard controls, too. Maybe I should wrap each of them into a 
stackpane to provide a clickable selection border with drag points?


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