How to build openjfx in its current state

Mario Torre neugens at
Thu Feb 7 11:22:45 PST 2013

Il giorno gio, 07/02/2013 alle 16.00 +0100, Mario Torre ha scritto:
> Hi all!
> The build instructions for building OpenJFX seems a bit outdated (or I'm
> reading them wrong), and no matter how I try I always get compilation
> failures (I'm trying OpenJFX 8 :).

Just a quick follow up:

[neugens at pegasus rt]$ ls dist

This is built with OpenJDK, no closed JDK :)

I had to copy the jfxrt.jar into the lib/ext directory though. Is the
artifacts/sdk/rt/lib/jfxrt.jar actually really used to build OpenJFX?

It would be nice if we could just rely on that rather than use the JDK
embedded copy of the jar.

What is the content of the openjfx,jar? Does it contain also the closed
classes or is purely the open ones?


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