How to build openjfx in its current state

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Thu Feb 7 14:33:42 PST 2013

>> The build instructions for building OpenJFX seems a bit outdated (or I'm
>> reading them wrong), and no matter how I try I always get compilation
>> failures (I'm trying OpenJFX 8 :).
> Just a quick follow up:
> [neugens at pegasus rt]$ ls dist
> openjfxrt.jar
> This is built with OpenJDK, no closed JDK :)
> I had to copy the jfxrt.jar into the lib/ext directory though. Is the
> artifacts/sdk/rt/lib/jfxrt.jar actually really used to build OpenJFX?
> It would be nice if we could just rely on that rather than use the JDK
> embedded copy of the jar.
> What is the content of the openjfx,jar? Does it contain also the closed
> classes or is purely the open ones?

I'm not entirely sure, going through this process myself. I would expect that openjfx.jar contains only the open bits, so that you would be free to redistribute it as you see fit subject to the GPLv2 w/classpath exception. If it combined our binary plug stuff then you'd not be able to redistribute it.

So that would suggest you must prepend openjfxrt.jar onto the boot class path BEFORE jfxrt.jar or your modifications won't get picked up.


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