How to build openjfx in its current state

Mario Torre neugens at
Fri Feb 8 09:48:10 PST 2013

Il giorno ven, 08/02/2013 alle 07.29 -0800, Richard Bair ha scritto:

> At this point we are ALMOST fully open source. The only remaining
> nugget (AFAIK!) is javafx-font. This presently relies on T2K. I don't
> want to plug in FreeType the way we did on the JDK side. Rather, I'd
> like the open implementation to be a simple thin-wrapper on top of the
> native APIs, so that we use Pango / Direct2D / Cocoa or whatnot in
> order to both give us the glyphs to draw and also to do line
> measurement / complex text layout / etc (right now we rely on a
> combination of T2K and ICU). The reason we think this will work for us
> is that with Java 8 we no longer officially support Windows XP, so we
> can finally leave GDI as our least-common-denominator out. (GDI just
> couldn't do what we needed, so we had to have our own implementation
> anyway, so it made sense to just use it across the board).

Great stuff!

I think that having a small layer between real backend and JFX makes
entirely sense.

Maybe we could start looking at it already, even if I suspect you have
most of this abstraction in place already (or at least in mind :) so
there is probably "little" else to do but implement the actual code with
target specific toolkits.


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