SceneBuilder src, or how to drag/size controls

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Feb 11 10:07:06 PST 2013

True. I guess I'd be fine with rectangular selection borders only, for now.

Using an effect is a nice idea, in order to get around the "borders only 
on Region" restriction. I am sure it could be parameterized to look like 
a selection. Unfortunately I also need drag markers for resizing (4x in 
the corners and 4x in between) and that might be a bit difficult to do 
with an effect.

Another alternative: show selection border and drag markers in a 
transparent "floating" click-through Region (not unlike a glasspane), 
always positioned on top of the "selected" node. Bindings could be used 
to keep the position of the selection in sync with the position of the 
"selected" node underneath.

Theoretically this is the best option since I am not changing the 
parent/child hierarchy on contained nodes in the layout, and I don't 
depend on CSS available only on Regions. Still have to see how it works out.


On 11.02.2013 17:03, Richard Bair wrote:
> The other issue is that if you have a Circle for instance you will
> get a rectangular selection instead of a circular selection.
> I don't know that this would work for you, but also there might be
> the option of applying an outer glow effect to the selected node. If
> you can't change the effect property on the node itself, then
> wrapping it in a group is probably the best option.
> Richard

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