Decora <> Open Shading Language?

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Thu Feb 14 15:30:41 PST 2013

Another one to consider is proposed CSS spec for shaders.


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On Feb 14, 2013, at 3:05 PM, joe andresen <joseph.andresen at> wrote:

> On 2/14/2013 2:43 PM, Jim Graham wrote:
>> I think a first task should be to get to the point where "Jim" isn't the only engineer with more than a passing understanding of what goes on with Decora under the hood - particularly since I don't have much time to do a more indepth analysis of competing technologies like this.  Any volunteers that are fascinated by the world of shaders?
> My understanding has been purely from a Prism rendering perspective, I have looked into a number of possibilities into extending JSL, like adding vertex shader support and whatnot. But again, my focus has always been "what can JSL and the decora-compiler do for ES2 and D3D projects moving forward", which i admit is a bit limited in scope.
> I agree with what you said about the problems. There is also the issue that decora "doing only what we need" is starting to become incorrect (as in we need more). Our current 3D implementation makes no use of the decora-compiler translator, which means that the 3d shaders are hand written which means they are different, and theoretically could introduce a bit of shader code that isn't as well tested (In practice it isn't that big of a deal). Prism's use of JSL itself is also in need of work since writing a shader is only half the battle. We need to be able to provide flexible vertex data objects/interfaces and manage these in a way that is simple and flexible if we are to provide shaders to developers.
> As for the languages themselves, different engineers here have differing opinions.
> Some think we should stop using JSL and concentrate on GLSL and HLSL specifically, maybe providing a bridge so we only expose one language in the API.
> Some think JSL with a little love could be upgraded to fill that need.
> OSL is an interesting thought.
> -Joe

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