[REVIEW REQUEST] Improvements to TableView sorting

Knut Arne Vedaa knut.arne.vedaa at broadpark.no
Mon Feb 18 13:50:25 PST 2013

> Right. To clarify: when a SortedList is set in the TableView items list
> the TableView _will not_ sort it (either by actually performing a sort
> or by modifying the Comparator on the SortedList). The TableView _will_
> modify the TableView.comparator property to represent what the user has
> requested, but this is not necessarily the guaranteed visual state.
> And yes, you can bind the SortedList comparator to the TableView
> comparator to get the expected sorting support.

Ok, that was what I thought you meant it just wasn't quite clear from 
your description. :)

>> And in B), will sorting happens as it currently does, i.e. by mutating
>> the user's list, or will TableView have an internal SortedList (as
>> discussed previously)?
> Mutation will happen on the users list as currently occurs - there will
> be no internal SortedList.

How will it then be returned to an unsorted state?

And, as I'm not sure if a conclusion was reached in the previous thread 
about FilteredList/SortedList, what happens here if the provided list is 
a FilteredList or some other TransformedList (but not a SortedList) - 
was the decision to make TransformedList mutable after all?

Knut Arne

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