[REVIEW REQUEST] Improvements to TableView sorting

Knut Arne Vedaa knut.arne.vedaa at broadpark.no
Tue Feb 19 14:28:53 PST 2013

> And the reason for this is that the SortedList is unmodifiable (but mutable). So the add / remove methods etc throw unsupported operation exception, so from the table's perspective, it cannot be sorted. So if you use such a list, then you have to take one more step to wire up the comparator of the sorted list to the comparator on the table view, so that whenever the comparator changes the sorted list is notified of it and can do its own sorting internally.

What happens if you use an unmodifiable ObservableList that is not a 
SortedList? Is there a way to _explicitly_ say to TableView "don't sort me"?

Knut Arne

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