Next portion of open code: Glass

Artem Ananiev artem.ananiev at
Thu Feb 21 11:05:46 PST 2013

Hi, OpenJFX team,

I'm very happy to announce that yet another piece of JavaFX is 
open-sourced. Glass is a windowing library, it's conceptually close to 
AWT, but doesn't contain buttons, labels, checkboxes, and other widgets.

Although JavaFX application developers shouldn't know much about such 
low-level details, Glass is a good starting point if you want to port 
JavaFX to your favorite platform. Another piece to port is Prism, the 
rendering library, it's coming soon.

Here is what Glass is about:

1. Windows

2. Input events and event loops

3. Clipboard and drag-n-drop

4. Cursors

5. Menus, including system-wide menubar on OS X

6. File dialogs

7. Robot

and a few more. The library consists of 150+ classes and about 65K lines 
of native code. Build requirements are the following:

1. Xcode (OS X)

2. Visual Studio 2010 Express/Pro (Windows)

3. Windows SDK 7.1 (Windows)

4. gcc (OS X, Linux)

5. make

6. makedepend (Windows)

7. SWT (if you want to build SWT port of Glass)

If you have ever built Decora, which was open-sourced a while ago, the 
list above should not be a surprise.

The changes are pushed via openjfx/8/graphics forest and will be 
available in master in about a week.



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