API review: RT-27762: Text not centered vertically in bounds for windows default 12px

Richard Bair richard.bair at oracle.com
Tue Feb 26 11:32:11 PST 2013

> Honestly I couldn't think of a good name, I nearly named CENTER (so that the bounds type are LOGICAL, VISUAL, CENTER). Maybe LOGICAL_CENTER (as we will never have a horizontal variation of this).

LOGICAL_CENTER seems like a good name (and shorter to boot). If you're OK with that I'll +1 the issue.

> Other problem Jasper brought up is that we can't set this mode on caspian (as it already has uneven padding to workaround this problem). While we could detected the theme name in the code to decide when to set the mode it felt a bit hacky. A cleaner solution is to make Text#boundsTypeProperty() styleable. What do you think ?

Probably doesn't hurt to have it be style able.

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