Canvas rendering issues / Text Transition rendering issues

Jim Graham james.graham at
Wed Jan 2 17:24:47 PST 2013

On 1/2/2013 4:54 PM, Phil Race wrote:
>> When the game first loads we show an animated 'introduction' screen that
>> has some basic Text transitions on it. This has some issues:
>>     - The first title text is very jittery as it zooms in
>>     - The tag line that fades in does a noticeable, sudden jump at the
>> end
>>     from what looks like a bolder font to a thin one (or anti-aliased or
>>     something).
>>     - The spinning text has a similar combination of the previous two
>> issues
> If I understand your sources this part of the app (
> isn't using Canvas
> And it looks as if you are using a Label control, rather than a Text node.
> The former (any UI control) will default to LCD on Windows and that's not
> very animation friendly. So set the fontSmoothingType to GRAY for anything
> you want to animate and see if that helps.

Also, if you are using a UI control, are you having it participate in 
layouts?  If so then there may be some integer snapping happening as 
part of the UI layouts?

(Why not use a raw Text node there?)


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