Release names

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Fri Jan 4 07:28:14 PST 2013

I think we've posted the secret decoder ring before, but yes, 
Presidio==2.0 and Lombard==8

I'll leave it to Brian to answer whether we could have JIRA show 
additional information about a release name (we don't want to change it 
in JIRA since it would break all of our queries).

-- Kevin

Scott Palmer wrote:
> Where do I find the secret decoder ring for the release names?  "Presidio", "Lombard", "Van Ness", etc.  Code names are cool and all, but only if you are in on the meaning.
> The best I found via Google was this which calls "Lombard" the next major release" after 2.0.  But that apparently doesn't mean 2.1 or 2.2.  I'm *guessing* Lombard is JavaFX 8.0? (When syncing up with JRE version numbers please don't' make the same mistake as the JRE and set the internal version number to something like 2.8.0.. Clearly 1.8.0 for JavaFX version isn't going to work :-).)
> The code names make browsing JIRA issues awkward for "outsiders".  Even the tooltip when I hover over the "Lombard" link in JIRA issues says "Lombard Lombard feature release".  Some numbers would be helpful.
> Scott

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