Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Tue Jan 8 10:44:58 PST 2013

>> then filter, or perhaps provide a series of transformations. By having a chain of such things easily available to the developer, we make it easy for the developer to explicitly influence in what order things occur.
>> I don't think that would be relevant to TableView. How would it "reach back" in the transformation chain to do it's sorting e.g. before a filter?
> It wouldn't -- it would (by default) only sort on the tip. However there is API on table view to intercept the sort so you can take whatever measures you want instead -- which is required so that you can sort on the DB if that was what you needed to do. At least, we were going to add such API if we haven't already, Jonathan?
Unfortunately this isn't in TableView yet. I have captured all the 
sorting work I want to do here:

Presently it is targeted at Lombard but that is probably wishful 
thinking, unfortunately. Answering your question specifically, RT-17550 
and / or RT-19482 capture this requirement. It would be great to get 
this done for Lombard if at all possible.

-- Jonathan

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