KeyCode values

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Thu Jan 10 11:37:00 PST 2013

So my issues with accelerators have mostly been figured out.  (Thanks Pavel.)
A bug was identified in KeyCharacterCombination where multiple keys can match, but only one of the KeyCodes is matched currently ("+" only matches the one on the EQUALS key, not the numpad version, same for / * - 0-9).  See RT-27602

This lead me to discover a new issue.

KeyCodes are supposed to identify a physical key on the keyboard. E.g. there is one for PLUS, and one for ADD - the plus sign on the numeric keypad (bad name if you ask me, but it works)

There are KeyCodes for SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, META, etc., but I don't see how to differentiate between the left and right versions of these keys.

Why would I want to?  Consider a pinball game done in JavaFX. Usually the shift keys are used to control the flippers in computer-based pinball simulations.

Shall I file a bug, or am I missing something?


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