[Review] RT-27600: API Redesign Control#getCssMetaData() & impl_getControlStyleableProperties()

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at bestsolution.at
Thu Jan 10 13:20:49 PST 2013


While working on another bug (RT-27088) Jonathan, David and myself
discovered that Skin-CSS-Styleproperties are not correctly published
anymore because subclasses of Control simply overwrote getCssMetaData()
and didn't take the Skin-Styleproperties into account.

In RT-27600 we propose the following changes:
* make the until now internal API impl_getControlStyleableProperties()
  API and rename it to getControlCssMetaData()

* make getCssMetaData() final so that subclasses are not in danger of
  repeating the bug introduced in controls already

The rest of the attached patch simply fixes all current controls who
incorrectly overwrote getCssMetaData().


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