Maven POM files in the JFX code base

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Fri Jan 11 17:44:45 PST 2013

Thanks, that clears that up and I can basically ignore them. 

I'm a big maven fan but I don't really see the advantage to having *both* a maven and an ant build in there. Extra work to maintain, etc, and the only benefit is a command line of mvn clean install instead of ant clean build?

Does no harm though I guess. 

On 12/01/2013, at 12:22 AM, Kevin Rushforth <kevin.rushforth at> wrote:

> The pom.xml file is not used by the build. It was added as a contribution by Adam Bien. See: RT-19825 and RT-20869.
> -- Kevin
> Daniel Zwolenski wrote:
>> I've just been looking into some stuff around deploying the JavaFX
>> deployment tools into Maven Central and I noticed there are some pom.xml
>> files already in the JFX code base (e.g. master/rt/pom.xml).
>> What are these for and how do they get used? Are they used as part of the
>> standard build (I thought everything was purely ANT based, why add Maven as
>> well?) or are they just there as alternative? Do they work and, if so, are
>> they intended to build everything or just little bits of it all?

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