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Chris Sonnenberg chris.s at
Mon Jan 14 22:58:22 PST 2013

I’m using the App Packager to generate a native bundle under OSX and Windows. On the windows side there is the package.cfg and it contains the mainjar= line. Is there a corresponding variable in the info.plist for the Mac side? 

I’ve seen documentation for a java subsection in the info.plist that has a classpath variable, but the info.plist generated by the packager seems to be using slightly different variable names/format. Is there documentation about the current set of variables used by the javalauncher for the mac available somewhere?

The reason I ask, is that we’ve had to piece together an updater system which on the windows side takes versioned named jars (ie, ui-9.0.9.jar) and drops them in the app folder beside the older versioned jars (ie, ui-9.0.8.jar) and then replaces the package.cfg with an updated mainjar= line that points to the new jar (and subsequently the manifest in that main jar references the other updated jars in turn). Works great thus far. I’m looking to do something similar on the mac side: drop in version named jars and replace the info.plist to reference the updated jar names, but I’m not seeing a way to explicitly point to something like the mainjar.


Chris Sonnenberg

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