API Proposal: RT-10376 - Add maximize property to Stage

Radko Najman radko.najman at oracle.com
Thu Jan 17 12:00:09 PST 2013

It works as it was described in all three cases. The order of importance 
(from strongest to weakest) is iconified, fullscreen, maximized.
If you set some state to true and then to false, the state is set back 
to the state in which it was before.


On 01/16/2013 11:47 AM, Tom Schindl wrote:
> Isn't the same true for iconified as well. Say I was in maximized and
> the set iconified true and then false? - Something the user can do using
> the trim buttons as well.
> Tom
> Am 16.01.13 11:16, schrieb Daniel Zwolenski:
>> I kind of feel that full screen is out on its own a bit. If I setFullScreen true then false, I'd expect to be back to the same state I was in before.
>> Not overly fussed though.
>> On 16/01/2013, at 9:09 PM, Werner Lehmann <lehmann at media-interactive.de> wrote:
>>> If they all are mutually exclusive this sounds like a job for an enumeration property instead of several booleans...
>>> On 16.01.2013 09:03, Tom Schindl wrote:
>>>> When I set maximized to true and fullScreen to true who will win? Same
>>>> goes for other combinations.
>>>> I guess it should be document which one is the strongest one. My guess
>>>> of order of important (strongest to weakest): iconified, fullscreen,
>>>> maximized.

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