[Review request] Initial file name for file save dialog

Richard Bair richard.bair at oracle.com
Fri Jan 18 07:44:03 PST 2013

>>>> Open dialogs should be able to suggest a file to open in the same way. If the platform doesn't support it then let it be a no-op on that platform.  Just document the behaviour clearly.
>>>> Maybe you could add an API to query if it is supported, but I don't think it is important enough to know for sure if it is supported or not.
>> I agree. Lubo, if you can, I think this would be nicer (either way there is going to be a property which sometimes applies (on save) and sometimes doesn't (on open, or only sometimes on open)). But in any case I've approved the API in JIRA.
> Do you want to add it to the conditional features as well, or simple no-op would suffice for platforms which doesn't allow initial file name for open file dialogs?

I think no-op is fine, just make sure the behavior is documented.


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