JIRA and Infrastructure (was Re: Managing API review requests)

Richard Bair richard.bair at oracle.com
Fri Jan 18 10:22:44 PST 2013

> If it would help for me or others to provide feedback to them to perhaps spur them on, let me know.

Thanks :-).

> There are other issues with the current JIRA configuration that I'd like them to address that would also make things easier like SSO

Yes, we're working on an SSO solution as well. Basically we're trying to use a full suite of Atlassian tools and have a SSO for all of them, and I believe it is all tied into Oracle SSO, but I am shady on the details.

> screen capture applet misconfiguration

I haven't tried it, what is the problem? At some point when OpenJDK opens up their JIRA instance we'll start a migration effort to move to it, so if there is some misconfiguration we can test on the new instance and see if it is still problem there. 

> and the ever pesky "what the hell is the 'Van Ness' release" question. :-)

Hahaha :-). I just learned this one yesterday, that is the next release after Lombard. What I don't know is if that is the next update release or the next major release, Kevin will have to fill us in :-)


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