JFX using pre-built native elements for contributor build

Richard Bair richard.bair at oracle.com
Tue Jan 22 15:04:29 PST 2013

> For this to work, one key thing is that there should be a mode where you don't have to build the native bits. We ought to publish native bits someplace that will just work with gradle (for example) so that when you build it just downloads the native bits the same as it does jar file dependencies. Unless you opt to build native bits, and then you're going to have to do a lot more work in terms of setting up your workstation (all the dev tools).
> The normal "someplace" for this would be a Maven repository

Yep. Or Ivy or whatever.

> I'd be happy to work with you to make this happen, although you have a window of about 3 weeks to work with before I go travelling for a while (few months). I'm sure one of the other Maven/Gradle guys out there could help out as well though, this is pretty standard Maven/Gradle stuff - just a bit weird because of the native bits. 

Thanks for the offer :-). Our timescale is in months though, not weeks. First we have to clean up the build and get things open sourced etc.


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