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Gaja Sutra javafx at
Wed Jan 23 14:38:13 PST 2013

> I want to write a bunch of documentation on our wiki around working with and contributing to openjfx. Some of this will be on-boarding documentation (including building, testing, etc). Some of it will be architecture. Some of it will be features.
> What are the things you'd like documented on there? What would have been (or would still be) most useful in understanding the platform when approaching it from the perspective of a contributor (whether contributing patches or bug reports etc)?
I would appreciate some documentation on motivations in JavaFX 
architectural choices.

By example, here is my biggest question: JavaFX has mostly a retained 
scenegraph, but use immediate events by defining immediately-called 
listeners on each property. How not using retained listeners per 
control, called only at the end of an operation-transaction on the 
control (as defined by Platform.runLater) or even a global event bus for 
retained events of the full scenegraph?

If event-handling is not part of properties, controls would be simple 
Java beans using standard Java classes, and not use the specific 
JavaFX-observable classes Observable*, *Properties, etc. (this can 
possibly reduce static and dynamic footprint, if cost of control-scoped 
listeners or global event bus is sufficiently small).


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